Reference (Foundations in Digital Media ART 107)

Download Syllabus here >>> Digital Foundation_Syllabus 2016

Programs covered: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Wix/Other People’s Pixels

This class is specifically designed for foundation students to broaden digital techniques for art making. This particular class combines elements from Art 101 & 104, with a more advanced developmental explorations and research of digital images. Students will work with a variety of research methodologies, including individual digital media projects, studio based conversations, study through class critiques, and online personal archive establishment. Students will be expected to gain necessary digital media skills including, still image manipulation and online portfolio building.

Pinehurst4 2


photoshop_workSpaceGuide <<

Default Photoshop shortcuts (hot keys):

Week 2 – Digitize your drawing or painting (before and after)


Week 3 – Layers


Week 5 >> Try these mask techniques out! Download the handout by clicking the link >> ps_maskhandout



Let’s Make A GIF!!




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